About Me

My name is Niamh Nestor. I am a qualified Personal and Business coach and a Primary School Teacher. I am originally from Galway but I am currently living in Dublin with my partner Ciarán.


I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and worked in Ireland until 2015. At that point, Ciarán and I decided to spend some time travelling and then moved to Melbourne. The plan was to spend one year working and travelling but like so many others, we fell in love with the place and spent three years there. This was equally the most terrifying and exciting thing I have ever done, but I will be forever grateful for the experience.


We arrived in Melbourne in early 2016 with no jobs, nowhere to live and no friends or family on the same continent. I am a person who loves security so this was a huge change for me. I had no choice but to embrace the new environment it and try to make the most of my time there. During our first year in Melbourne, I pushed myself further out of my comfort zone than I ever had in my whole life. I learned to get comfortable being uncomfortable and found myself often reverting back to the question ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen?’.


Over the course of that year, I joined a football team, signed up for tennis lessons, went on nights out with girls I had just met, went camping for the first time, somehow managed to be a Japanese teacher for a week and so much more. As time went on, I found myself caring less about what people think about me and just went for it. By allowing me to be me and take risks I never would have at home, I became a much happier, self-assured version of myself.


During my time working in a fabulous school in Melbourne I was introduced to the principles of coaching and how nice it was to work in an environment with this culture. When we returned home in January 2019 I decided to explore coaching further. I enrolled in a Diploma for Personal and Business Coaching with the Irish Lifecoach Institute and it is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done. It was the most personally challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had but I most definitely came out a stronger, more confident person after it.


This journey, while challenging, has allowed me to strive towards my potential in life. The quote that I live by is ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ and I make sure to remind myself of this daily.  My goal now is to continue my personal development while also helping as many people as I can along the way. It’s not always easy, but we all have the power to change.